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Business Law

Business Formation


We will help you decide which type of business entity is right for you and your new company.


Factors to consider include: the number of business owners, the type of business, the locations in which business will be conducted, the products or services to be offered, the anticipated initial profitability of the company, and the projected growth of the business, among other factors.

Once the type of business entity that is right for your new business is determined, we can assist with the drafting and filing of articles of incorporation, articles of organization, or other entity formation documents.


We also routinely advise our clients on how to avoid tax problems related to payroll taxes and related tax returns.


Residential Leases


If you have a rental property, we can prepare a well drafted lease for you.


Residential Sales Contract


If you are selling a property, we can assist with drafting or review of a contract to sell your property.




We can prepare a deed to add a party to title, transfer a property to a trust, or distribute a property from a trust.


Independent Contractor Agreements


If you plan to work for a firm as an independent contractor, we can advise you on your tax obligations as well as other issues.  We can draft a comprehensive independent contractor agreement for you.


Promissory Notes


Both businesses and individuals may need a promissory note for funds loaned to another person or business.  Promissory notes can be secured or unsecured.


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