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FAQs on Fees

What type of fee arrangements does Lynne N. Clark, P.C. use?


Matters are billed on either a fixed fee basis or on an hourly basis.


Most estate plans are billed on a fixed fee basis.  The fixed fee will be quoted to you at the initial consultation based upon:   the facts disclosed at the initial meeting, the difficulty of the issues to be addressed, my estimate of the time that will be required to draft your documents.


An hourly billing arrangement is used when it is not clear at the outset of a matter how much time may be necessary to complete your matter.  When an hourly billing rate is anticipated, I may be able to provide an estimate of the time necessary.  All estate and trust administration is billed on an hourly basis.


Do you charge for Initial Consultations?


For estate planning clients, I offer an initial consultation at a reduced hourly rate of $250.00.


For all other matters, there is a fee for the initial consultation based on the amount of time devoted to the consultation.


How are fixed fees determined?


The fixed fee quoted to you at the initial consultation will take into consideration the following factors


  • Information provided by you at the initial consultation.

  • The scope of the services to be provided.

  • The difficulty of the issues to be resolved and the drafting necessary to do so.


What is a retainer fee?


A retainer fee is a deposit for payment of current and future work.  The law firm will hold the retainer fee in the law firm’s trust account.  Funds will be withdrawn from the retainer each month as work is completed on your matter.


Will I be responsible for costs and expenses?


If the legal fee for your matter is quoted as a flat fee, this will include charges for recording fees, postage, and copies.  In the event an extraordinary expenses is necessary, you will be contacted before the charge is incurred.


If your matter is billed on an hourly basis, you will be billed for costs and expenses related to your matter in addition to the time expended on your matter.


How will you bill me?


When a fixed fee is quoted we will ask for payment of the fee before work is begun on your matter. 


For matters billed on an hourly basis, you will receive an invoice each month for the time expended on your matter.


What forms of payment are accepted?


The law firm accepts payment by check, debit card  or credit card.   Checks should be made payable to Lynne N .Clark, P.C.   We accept VISA and MasterCard.


May someone else pay my fee?


Occasionally a family member or a third party will offer to pay your legal fees.  I can accept payment from a family member or third party with your consent.  You are the client.  Your confidences will be kept and I will accept instruction from you.


After my plan been signed what are your fees to review and update my plan?

After you sign your estate planning documents, I rely on you to bring changes in your circumstances to my attention.  Should you require changes or amendments to your documents, I will try to estimate the amount of time necessary to complete the work and quote you a flat fee.

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