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Who were you?

January 2020


March 2017

The Real Unsinkable Molly Brown

February 2017

Executor or Trustee

January 2017

Get Rich Slowly

May 2016


March 2016



February 2016


Probate of a Will Photocopy

January 2016

Year-End Reminders

November 2015


The Estate of Phyllis Dorothy James

October 2015

Summer Reading

August 2015


Drafting An Effective Property Memorandum

July 2015


Credit Card Balances

May 2015

Arbitration Clauses In Employment Contracts

March 2015


Case By Case

February 2015

Federal Advertising Guidelines For Businesses

January 2015

What Does Joan Rivers’ Career Have to Teach Us?

September 2014

Suppose you are an aging A-Lister or celebrity and you realize that your career is on the wane.  What should you do?  The answer —  reinvent yourself!!

To Legal Zoom or Not to Legal Zoom — That is the Question!

August 2014

Can I Manage My Estate With a Will Substitute Alone?

July 2014

Even if you plan to distribute all of your assets by beneficiary designation or transfer on death designation you should have a will or trust as a backup to those designations - here’s why.

Beware of this IRS Scam!

June, 2014

Recreational-Use Immunity for Golf Injury

May, 2014

Calling all Collectors!

April, 2014

This month we will look at the steps you might take to help your family deal with your collection so your name will be fondly remembered.

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