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Instructions for Completing Your Personal Property Memorandum


Virginia law permits and recognizes Personal Property Memorandums for designation of your personal property to a specific, named individual.


If you wish to create a Personal Property Memorandum, you need to complete it in a format similar to the sample in this section of your Complete Estate Plan Notebook.  The form may be either handwritten or typed/computer generated.


The description of the property or asset should be as complete as possible and should include anything that will help your Executor identify the object or asset.  The description should include size, color, manufacturer, serial number, etc.


Please include the name, address and telephone number of your beneficiary.


Sign and date your form.


If you decide to amend your Personal Property Memorandum, please destroy the previous Memorandum.


We suggest that you keep your Memorandum in the Personal Property Memorandum Section of your Complete Estate Plan Notebook.





I, (name), signed this Personal Property Memorandum on the date below:





7" 14K Gold Byzantine Bracelet

(See attached photo and appraisal)

Jane Doe

7136 First Street

Springfield, VA 22150



Nikkon 35MM Camera

Serial Number 1234NIK


John Doe

7136 First Street

Springfield, VA 22150










______________________________________ _________________________

Signature                                                              Date

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