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Helpful Information for Our Estate Planning Clients

Initial Consultation: After you have contacted my office and scheduled an appointment, I will send you an Estate Planning Questionnaire to fill out and bring with you to your appointment.  The Questionnaire can be e-mailed to you, as it is in a fillable PDF format.  It can also be mailed to you.


Flat Fee: Most estate plans are handled on a flat fee basis. At the end of the initial consultation I will quote a flat fee for the completion of your plan. The fee quoted includes the initial consultation, drafting your documents, minor changes to the documents, reasonable time to answer your questions, and signing your documents.


The flat fee quoted does not include multiple office visits to discuss your documents. Most client questions and changes can be handled over the phone. If you wish to schedule an additional office visit to discuss your documents in detail, I will be happy to do so, but you will be billed for the time at my current hourly rate of $350.00 per hour.


Payment: At the end of the initial consultation, I will quote a flat fee for your estate plan Payment of the flat fee is required before I will begin work on your documents. I accept checks, debit and credit cards.


Drafts of Documents: If you decide to go forward with an estate plan at the end of the initial consultation, I will prepare and mail or email drafts of your documents to you for your review.


Questions About Your Documents: The flat fee quoted to you at the initial consultation includes a reasonable amount of time to answer questions you may have. Most of these questions can be handled over the telephone.


Appointment to Sign Documents: When draft documents are sent to you for review, you will have thirty (30) days to review them, call me with questions you have or changes you would like to make, and schedule an appointment to sign your documents.

I schedule appointments to sign documents during business hours, Monday through Friday.  If you need or wish to sign your documents outside of normal business hours (including Federal Holidays), arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis. In that event, you may need to bring one or more witnesses with you, and an additional time charge will apply.


Storage of Documents: If you are concerned about the long term storage of your documents, the Clerk of the Circuit Court will store your will for a small fee. The Clerk does not record stored wills. If you would like us to mail your will to the Clerk of the Court for storage there will be an additional charge of $25.00.


Education: Some of my clients wish to educate themselves further about estate planning. I can recommend books for you to read.

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