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Things to do When a Person Dies

_____   Notify immediate family and close friends


_____   Evaluate the emotional impact on the surviving spouse, children and close relatives and friends; arrange for support


_____   Deal with donation of the bodily organs to an “organ bank,” as appropriate


_____   Arrange care for dependents, if any


_____   Notify attending physician


_____   Arrange care for pets, if any


_____   Evaluate the need for security at Decedent’s residence


_____   Have Post Office hold mail, if necessary


_____   Find perishable property (food, plants, etc.) and arrange for care or disposal


_____   Find and review Decedent's expressed funeral and burial wishes


_____   Notify agent under any power of attorney


_____   Prepare and arrange for obituary


_____   Arrange for mortuary, cemetery, burial, cremation, as appropriate


_____   Notify other members of family and friends


_____   Keep records of all payments for funeral and other expenses


_____   Locate safe deposit box(es); follow safe deposit box procedures


_____   Locate wills, codicils, trusts


_____   Locate Life insurance policies


_____   Locate income tax returns for the last 3 years


_____   Locate gift tax returns, if any


_____   Locate other important documents, relationships, accounts, investments, etc.


_____   Advise Social Security and other agencies as appropriate


_____   Investigate social security benefits


_____   Investigate veterans burial allowance and other benefits


_____   Investigate employee benefits, including accrued vacation pay, death benefits, final wages, retirement plans, deferred        _____   compensation, medical reimbursements


_____   Investigate Keogh and IRA accounts, including Designations of Beneficiary


_____   Investigate business, partnership and investment arrangements


_____   Retain and meet with an Elder Law attorney regarding estate or trust administration, tax and accounting matters


_____   Obtain death certificates (ask attorney how many might be needed)


_____   Deal with file, theft, liability and auto insurance on Decedent’s property


_____   Work with an attorney to prepare inventory, list of accounts and list of debts


_____   Review credit cards and charge accounts, cancel as appropriate


_____   DO NOT pay any of Decedent’s debts until attorney discusses with family or executor


_____   Obtain valuations of assets, as appropriate

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